Are You Ready For A Robot Cockroach?

We all know them little creatures which tend to lurk in dark areas in our houses feeding off crumbs which have been left in the house. Years in the making, and what is without a doubt whatsoever a contender for the most revolting creation which has ever been made in a laboratory has arrived and that is the robo-roach.

Robo-roach which has been built by scientists in Texas, U.S. is a robotic insect which fuses a live cockroach with a miniature computer which has been wired carefully into the nervous system of the animal. At a push of the button one can easily be able to operate this magnificent creature.

According to Hong Liang, the lead researcher at Texas A&M University, the robo-roach has the ability to carry a small camera, some sensors and microphones thus help in gathering information from areas and places which humans cannot or places where we would rather not be in such as collapsed building as well as areas where the sewers are broken.

When speaking to the Guardian, Liang said that the, “Insects can do things a robot cannot. They can go into small places, sense the environment, and if there’s movement, from a predator say, they can escape much better than a system designed by a human,” adding that, “We wanted to find ways to work with them.”

In a series of demonstrations the U.S. based researchers showed how easy it was to control the robo-roach remotely. This include the direction in which the robo-roach walked by stimulating nerves on either side of its body.


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