Giant lobster found in Canada

The University of Toronto researchers have excavated 508 million year old lobster fossil in Canadian waters. The species existed before 250 million years from the dinosaurs.

Scientists have named this new species as Yawunik Kootenayi, which has looks like lobster. The creature has connections with modern species like butterflies and spiders. The fossil rich area of Burgess Shale Deposit in Canada was the source of this finding. There have been many fossils present in the region; the present lobster fossil was obtained from the Marble Canyon site in the deposit.

Paleontologists informed that the creature had three claws. These long claws grew from its front, very much similar to the modern day beetle or shrimp or other antennae like organ present in modern day animals. To hunt animals, this creature used opposing teeth in the claws.

The predatory habits and the anatomy of the earliest arthropods can be studied deeply after the discovery of this animal, Cedric Aria, a PhD student informed. Though creature is not at all similar to the modern arthropod which survived the evolution, it is member of the same family with familiar body structure, external skeleton.

The strange name of the creature comes from Ktunaxa people, original residents of the Kootenay region where Marble Canyon is located. The second word is Yawunik, a dangerous mythological marine creature as per Ktunaxa legends. Aria further informed that Yawunik was a best name because the specimen was a marine creature and the fellow scientists wanted to honor Ktunaxa culture and the region.

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