How to clear CMOS and BIOS on your computer

If you just bought a used computer, and the BIOS is password protected, you must clear the password. Also, in some cases your computer won’t start. Even your computer screen won’t start. If you take is to a service, they can tell you that your motherboard is damaged and they must replace it. But, in some cases there is an easy fix. All you need to do is to perform a jumper reset. 

1.    Turn off your computer. Remove the power cable or flip a switch on the back side of a computer.
2.    Remove a cover.
3.    You will see a jumper or 2-3 of them. They are usually marked with: CMOS, NVRAM and etc. A jumper is a small plastic part that connects 2 pins. 
4.    You will have to locate a jumper that is labeled as CMOS or BIOS. Remove it and place it so it connect other 2 metal pins. Wait 10 seconds and return it in the first position.
5.    Place the cover back and start your computer.
If your computer starts, you are done. But, if you still have the same problem, repeat the whole procedure with another jumper. 

You can also clear BIOS and CMOS by removing the battery. You will see a small battery on your mother board. Of course, your computer must be turned off when you are doing this. Remove the battery and wait a couple of seconds. Place it back in place and turn on your computer. Remember that your clock will be restored to default settings. You must set the time and date. Also, this procedure doesn’t work on laptops. 




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